39 AE605 Remote Control via UART


39.1 Histroy

  • 2014-11-25, rayoslee, release V0.0.2
  • 2014-11-25, rayoslee, release V0.0.1

39.2 FAQ

  1. How to set server socket tool(TCP_Server.exe) in Window PC/NB ?

    Follow the view
    1. run TCP_Server.exe(IDE: c++ builder 2009) give the local ip(PC/NB) and port number.
    2. check on “Connect”.
    3. wait for AE605 connecting, you will see IPs information in “Tag” window if AE605 connected
    4. once AE605 connected with server, AE605 will keep waiting until the message from server coming
    5. now you can send message from server tool and click button “Send”. Please follow the Figure 39.1

Figure 39.1: ServerSocket

  1. How to configure AE605’s wifi station mode?

    1. prepare an AP(set it “Authentication Mode is OPEN, Encrypt Type”NONE“)
    2. open your NB wifi and access SSID AE605_xxxxx (xxxxx is mac address)
    3. give it password 12345678 and open NB’s browser to enter
    4. you will see AE605’s home page and give it ID/Password admin/admin to login
    5. don’t care about what you see and focus on “Network Config” of the left side to configure
    6. look for tag “SSID” of “Wireless Network” if it is empty, please give it your AP’s SSID
    7. then click “Save” of “Wireless Network” and “Reboot” of “Wireless Newwork”
    8. Now, AE605 is rebooting…
  2. How to set client socket(ae605_CS_hdlc_uart_loop_arm) in AE605 demo kit?

    1. plug in usb-uart debug cable and link it with PC/NB
    2. power on AE605 and turn on putty(baud rate 115200) at PC/NB
    3. you will see “msloader done.” and give it “Enter” key on putty window.
    4. you can ifconfig to check wlan0 whether linked or not to make sure item 2 has done.
    5. basically, it has linked. Now, turn on ae605_CS_hdlc_uart_loop_arm
    6. /mnt/nand1-1 # ae605_CS_hdlc_uart_loop_arm 5100 115200 (assume your server ip/port/baud rate is it)

    About communication packet as the following
    HDLC packet:
    7E-payload type(1Byte)-payload(n-Byte)-FCS(2-Byte)-7E

    1. Server.Send packet format: PacketType+Payload
      Client.Recv packet format: PacketType+Payload

    2. AE605.UartTX packet format: 7E-PacketType+Payload-FCS-7E

    3. AE605.UartRX packet format: 7E-PacketType+Payload-FCS-7E

    4. Server.Recv packet fromat: 7E-PacketType+Payload-FCS-7E
      Client.Send packet format: 7E-PacketType+Payload-FCS-7E

  3. How to set server socket(serverSS) in NB(Ubuntu) or (serverSS_arm) in AE605? (default port 8000)

    • only run ./serverSS or ./serverSS_arm
    • Log will look like the bellow

      $ ./serverSS
      Accepting connections ...
      Received Bytes: 6
      received from client:474F474F474F
      Enter payload type(0, 1, 2, 3, 80 and 99(Rand): 99
      Enter random len(less than 1024): 20
        send_buf[1] = 0xAA
        send_buf[2] = 0xA8
        send_buf[3] = 0xDB
        send_buf[4] = 0xD1
        send_buf[5] = 0xF4
        send_buf[6] = 0x3E
        send_buf[7] = 0xA6
        send_buf[8] = 0x11
        send_buf[9] = 0x65
        send_buf[10] = 0xD4
        send_buf[11] = 0xB2
        send_buf[12] = 0xC0
        send_buf[13] = 0x58
        send_buf[14] = 0xDA
        send_buf[15] = 0x0A
        send_buf[16] = 0x88
        send_buf[17] = 0x26
        send_buf[18] = 0x28
        send_buf[19] = 0x74
      Received Bytes: 24
      received from client:7E99AAA8DBD1F43EA61165D4B2C058DA0A88262874BEEE7E
      Enter payload type(0, 1, 2, 3, 80 and 99(Rand):