13 Audio Phone Call


13.1 Histroy

  • 2014-05-15, rayoslee, release V0.0.1

13.2 FAQ

  1. How to demo S605-32 to make a call to each other ?
    • tar Jxvf ap.tar.xz and tar Jxvf wlan0.tar.xz
    • cp ap/* to SD card one’s SD1-1 and cp wlan0/* to SD card two’s SD1-1
    • now, you have two S605-32 phones. one is S605-32 ap mode(AP) and the ohter is S605-32 station mode(STA).
    • next, you can call ./democall.sh to select 8 to initialize phone. Both are initialized.
    • Select 7 to make call, just choose one direction. (AP calls STA or STA calls AP)
    • Select 2 to hand it up.
  2. How to config AP or STA for linphone environment?
    • In wlan0 folder, modify your AP’s SSID in network_config
      SSID “N32905_6a-9c-5e-fe-c2-67”

    • In ap folder, don’t care about it.
    • Make sure STA has really joined AP net.

  3. Other linphone commands.
    • There are two useful utilities linphonec and linphonecsh. linphone has more details for learning.
    • Next, you also can use

      export PATH=‘pwd’:$PATH (watch out: do it to make sure linphone workable properly)
      ./linphonecsh init -c linphonerc -a -s sip: (initialize linphone client and call out and set it autoanswer mode)
      ./linphonecsh init -a (initialize linphone client and set autoanswer mode)
      ./linphonecsh generic answer (just answer phone when incoming call if no auto answer mode)
      ./linphonecsh generic “autoanswer enable” (you also can use it)
      ./linphonecsh autoanswer (you also can use it)
      ./linphonecsh soundcard playback 0 (set playback to your first dev, for S605-32 is /dev/dsp and /dev/mixer)
      ./linphonecsh soundcard ring 0 (set ringer to your first dev for S605-32 is /dev/dsp and /dev/mixer)
      ./linphonecsh soundcard capture 1 (set capture to your second dev for S605-32 is /dev/dsp1 and /dev/mixer1)
      ./linphonecsh generic ‘soundcard use 1’ (set all to your second dev)
      ./linphonecsh soundcard list (show all dev name)
      ./linphonecsh generic terminate (hang up phone)
      ./linphonecsh hangup (you also can use it)
      ./linphonecsh register --host IP --username user --password passwd
      (like as ./linphonecsh register --host sip.linphone.org --username rayoslee --password rayoslee123 to register your account into sip.linphone.org)
      ./linphonecsh status register (query status)