6 Config SPI 16MB


6.1 Histroy

  • 2014-04-10, rayoslee, release V0.0.1

6.2 FAQ

  1. How to config SPI 16MB flash in S605-32 kernel?
    • Chagne CONFIG_SPIFLASH_PARTITION_DATA_SIZE configuration value from 0x0500000 to 0x0D00000
    • For jffs2.summary, you need also change the following:
    # mkfs.jffs2 -r skyeye_jffs2 -o skyeye.jffs2 -e 0x10000 --pad=0x0500000 or 0x0D00000
    # sumtool -l -e 0x10000 -p -i skyeye.jffs2 -o skyeye.jffs2.summary
    ps: 2.8M ~=02C0000 (kernel size), 5MB ~= 0500000 's DATA or 13MB ~= D00000