26 Create a bootable SD


26.1 Histroy

  • 2014-09-09, rayoslee, release V0.0.1

26.2 FAQ

  1. How to create a bootable SD of the S605-32 demo kit(32MB DDR2)?

    Using TurboWriterX, and go the following

    1. [Image No] 0
      [Image Name] PreSdLoader.bin
      [Image Type] System Image
      [Image execute address 0x]
      [Image start bank 0x]

    2. [Image No] 1
      [Image Name] SDLoader.bin
      [Image Type] DATA
      [Image execute address 0x] 900000
      [Image start bank 0x] 22

    3. SD1-1 1G
      [Image NO] 2
      [Image Name] NVT_1G.bin
      [Image Type] Execute
      [Image execute address 0x] 600000
      [Image start bank 0x] 39

    Switch the normal mode(pull out Jumper at pin recovery) and press “reset” button to execute NVT_1G.bin for making SD1-1 and SD1-2 folder
    Next, you can copy “SD1-1 Data” which includes conprog.bin and bootable files etc. into folder SD1-1 of your bootable SD card.