8 Firmware Update from Webpage


8.1 Histroy

  • 2014-06-18, rayoslee, release V0.0.2
  • 2014-04-15, rayoslee, release V0.0.1

8.2 FAQ

  1. How to create a S605-32.fw to update SPI flash firmware?
    • tar Jxvf V0.0.1_SPI_OTA.tar.xz
    • open create_spi_updatefw.sh
    • select docase=conprogNjffs2 for kernel and data partition
    • run ./create_spi_updatefw.sh to out S605-32.fw
    • now you can use your S605-32.fw to update firmware from webpage
    • you can change docase=onlyjffs2 for only data partiton and do 4-5 again.
  2. How to build mtdtool in your SPI kernel image? To update and backup firmware of 4 partitions on SPI flasha. tar Jxvf mtdtool.tar.xz
    • move it in yourBSP/applications
    • goto folder mtdtool
    • make
    • goto folder linux-
    • cp SkyEye_S605_32_2.6.35.4_kernel_config_spi_mt5931 .config
    • ./build spi
  3. How to fix it when you do OTA (Over The Air) and see “GUNZIP ERROR” error?

    Hypothesis: S605-32.fw has included the new conprog.bin, you made it. The old conprog.bin now is inside the S605-32 demo kit and it flashs by TurboWriter.

    For old one, TurboWriter will record each file size in SPI flash and loader will load kernel into memroy using these information.

    For new one, updating won’t know these information from TurboWriter. Therefore, it will show the error.

    Solution by now, you can flash padding_conprog.bin first into S605-32 demo kit(SPI flash) after erasing all partitions using TurboWriter.

    The padding file size is 0x2C0000=2883584. It equals kernel partition size. So loader will load 2883584 into memory to avoid “GNZIP ERROR”-size not match. After that, yon can do “OTA”.